Who are we?

EDEC is subject to the provisions of the public health code, it is a pharmaceutical establishment with a manufacturer status.

EDEC's main activity in 2022 is the production of prevention kits for drug users to fight against the risks of contamination.

EDEC, which holds the patent for the universal filter, manufactures the Set Exper', Cup Exper' and Filtre Exper' devices, puts them in blister packs and sterilizes them in France.

Its other activities include the sale of equipment for the recovery of contaminated health care waste, and the manufacture and packaging of medicines.

EDEC is a small family-run laboratory located in Auvergne, France. Its president is Nicolas Baudry.

Mrs. Anne Monique LASSALAS-SIMONIN is Deputy Managing Director and Pharmacist in Charge.

The laboratory has been manufacturing and distributing KIT+ and Stéribox® since 1996, which gives it a perfect command and knowledge of the manufacturing and distribution chains, both to pharmacies and to harm reduction associations and other structures managing needle exchange machines.