The "EXPER KIT", syringes and needles are exclusively intended for professionals in the field of harm reduction related to drug use.

BD Micro-Fine™ Plus 1ml, 30G 8mm Syringes - 100 per package


Product reserved for professionals only

New sterile syringe with crimped needle 30 Gauges, length 8 mm, low dead space. Universal filter compatible.

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Sterile syringe with crimped needle 30 Gauge, length 8 mm, small dead space.

  • A recognized mastery of the sterilization of blisterless syringes makes them easier to use and provides an additional guarantee of sterility during use: no risk of deterioration of the sterile blister, less risk of contamination when the blister is opened, and the cap on the plunger side is kept in place while the injection product is dissolved in the heating container with the PPI water.
  • The sterility of the syringes is ensured by its caps at each end.
  • Perfect compatibility with used needle exchange machines.
  • Ideal for foot/hand injections, small veins
  • Universal filter compatible
  • Recognized user acceptance, little sister of the Micro-Fine 29 Gauge database contained in the Exper' Kits