The "EXPER KIT", syringes and needles are exclusively intended for professionals in the field of harm reduction related to drug use.

Kit Exper' 1ml associative - Packaging by 16


Kits are reserved for use by RDR facilities

The EXPER' 1ml KIT includes two EXPER' SETs(each containing 1 5ml aluminum cup,1 universal 0.22 µm membrane filter, 1 cotton filter, 1 post-injection dry pad)+ 2 BD Micro-Fine ™ 29G syringes, 2 vials of PPI water and 4 antiseptic wipes.


The Exper' 1ml associative kit contains for 2 injections:

  • Two BD Micro Fine 29G 12.7 mm syringes
  • Two Exper' sets, each including 1 aluminium cup with a capacity of 5ml with a pre-assembled non-thermoconductive handle, 1 universal PES membrane filter 0.22 microns, 1 cotton filter, 1 dry post-injection pad.
  • 4 antiseptic wipes with chlorhexidine
  • 2 vials of ppi water
  • 1 notice